Sutter Hill Ventures

A selection of work during my time at Sutter Hill Ventures.


Twitters Service Map

This is a digram modeled with input from an ex Twitter senior infrastructure engineer. It shows their digital infrastructure and how it can be visualized clearly at a high level in order to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues.

Artboard Copy 3.png

Tech Infrastructure Components

This is an infrastructure component guide. Its elements can be arranged and scaled to visualize any modern companies digital infrastructure.


All filter rail states for a product I worked on. This was done to ensure all requirements were accounted, explore options and to maintain consistency throughout the product.

Desktop HD Copy 1012.png

Performance Overview

An exploration for an overview page of a metrics product and how it could communicate a high level a summary of a companies performance.


This is a diagram of all user paths and how they could sign up or sign in to a product. It was done so engineering could scope the work needed and for me to account for all the states and screens needed.

Artboard Copy 2.png

Autonomous Driving Requirements

Document quantifying all use cases, states and design requirements for a self driving car company I spent some time working for.


Whats next

Much of the work I have done at Sutter Hill ventures cannot be shared yet as most products have not yet been released, more will be shared in the future.


My other work